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Gilbert & Gaillard

Inurrieta Intacta

Blanco Semidulce Sauvignon Blanc

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Vintage 2023. Alcohol content: 11% vol.


Grape Variety

Sauvignon Blanc

Production process

Controlled fermentation at low temperature, between 14 and 16º C, until the desired sugar level is reached, then we cool it down below 0º C to stop the fermentation.

Tasting note

emotions to enjoy…

Greenish yellow, bright colour. Very aromatic, tropical fruit, such as pineapple, passion fruit and grapefruit, with a vegetal background of boxwood and freshly cut grass. A typical Sauvignon Blanc profile.

A touch of sweetness, offset by adequate acidity and a subtle natural carbon dioxide, make Intacta a balanced and not cloying wine.

It is a refreshing and fun wine, suitable for all audiences and for any occasion.