Inurrieta Orchídea

Grape Varieties

Sauvignon Blanc

Tasting notes

"...a noble halo of aromatic complexity. A fairy-tale wine"

Highly attractive thanks to its unique blend of aromas combining tropical fruit with citrus and vegetal notes. A Sauvignon Blanc that shows daring.

Outstanding, bright, crystalline yellow-green. Delicious varietal aromas, in a frank, very complex nose —pineapples, passion fruit, grapefruit and boxwood— reinforced by a tremendously creamy mouth. Tank ageing over fine lees for 4 months heightens the sensations of creaminess and smoothness in the mouth.




Añada 2016

Medalla de Plata. Sélections Mondiales des Vins de Canada 2017.

Medalla de Plata. Mundus vini 2017.

Medalla de Plata. Concours Mondial du Sauvignon 2017.

Medalla de Plata. Bacchus 2017.

Añada 2015

Medalla de Oro. Challenge International du Vin 2016

Mejor vino Blanco, Cofradia del Vino de Navarra 2016

Medalla de Plata. Mundus Vini 2016.

Añada 2014

Bacchus de Oro 2015

Medalla de Plata. Mundus Vini 2015.

Medalla de Plata. Conc.Mundial de Bruselas 2015.

Recomendado. Decanter 2015.

Recomendado Int. Wine Challenge 2015.







Inurrieta Orchídea