Inurrieta Mediodía

Grape Varieties

Garnacha with Syrahm Cabernet Sauvignon, Graciano...

Tasting notes

"...lively youthfulness, luminosity and colour experience"

Its attractiveness is owed to its unmistakable vivid pink with purple hues. Garnacha in a modern, special, creative, uninhibited vision. It develops subtle, inexhaustible aromas: rose petals, cherries and strawberries. Tank ageing over fine lees for 4 months heightens the sensations of creaminess and smoothness in the mouth. Balanced and fresh, its development on the palate again evinces a honeyed creaminess.



Añada 2016

Medalla de Oro. Challenge International du Vin 2017.

Medalla de Plata. Bacchus 2017.

Medalla de Bronce. Decanter 2017.

Añada 2015

Mejor Vino D.O. Navarra Rosado 2016

Medalla de Oro. Le Mondila du Rosé 2016.

Medalla de Plata. Mundus Vini 2016.

Medalla de Plata. Challenge International Du Vin 2016.

Medalla de Plata. Les Citadelles du Vin 2016.

Añada 2014

Medalla de Plata. Int. Wine & Spirit Competition 2015.





Inurrieta Mediodía