Inurrieta Cuatrocientos Crianza

Grape Varieties

Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Graciano, Tempranillo y Merlot.

Tasting notes

"...friendly and robust, rooted in dreamland"

At an altitude of 400 meters, we grow the vines to create this high-level wine. Under these conditions, the grapes undergo a long, balanced ripening process, with increased accumulation of aromas and flavours.

Dark, with an elegant, sweet, fruity nose combining a fine, perfumed imprint from barrel aging. In the mouth, it proves lively, balanced and meaty, highlighting the excellent quality of its tannins.



Añada 2013

Medalla de Oro. China Wine & Spirit Awards 2016.

Medalla de Plata. Decanter 2016.

Añada 2012

Medalla de Plata .Conc.Mundial de Bruselas 2015.

Medalla de Bronce. Int. Wine & Spirit Competition 2015.

Recomendado. Int. Wine Challenge 2015.

Añada 2011

Medalla de Plata . International Wine Challenge 2014.

Medalla de Plata. Mundus Vini 2014.

Añada 2010

Medalla de Bronce. International Wine Challenge 2013.

Medalla de Plata. Concurso Mundial de Bruselas 2013.

Medalla de Plata. Mundus Vini 2013.

Añada 2009

Bacchus de Oro 2012.

Medalla de Plata. Concurso Mundial de Bruselas 2012.

Mejor Tinto Crianza. Club de Sommellieres de Navarra 2012.

Mención Especial. International Wine Challenge 2012.




Inurrieta Cuatrocientos